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We created the 360 ID Tag to give online sellers a

way to protect their merchandise from return abuse

At 360 ID Tag we believe all sellers deserve a fair trading environment

Return fraud prevention was the driving force behind the 360 ID Tag.
The return fraud tag is a loss prevention tool for businesses in the fight against brazen consumer behaviors like use or wear and return, wardrobing, online shoplifting and counterfeit product switching.

Dress can't be worn and returned with tamper evident return tag 360 ID Tag


The problem was simple to explain but there was no apparent solution. Why shouldn’t online sellers be able to protect their merchandise from return fraud or abuse just like brick-and-mortar stores have protected their merchandise from shoplifting since the 1960s?

In 2010 I was a stay at home Mom with 2 children under 2 and had started an ebay business to help maintain some sanity in the chaos of motherhood. As my sales figures began to rise, I became bolder in the value of the merchandise that I sold. Making $5-$10 profit per sale soon evolved into $100 or more for some items. And then came the designer dresses, sunglasses, shoes and handbags that could turn a more handsome profit again.

There was one dress that caused me great concern because of the unknown risk that would come when it sold. I had listed for sale a yellow and green tropical print, silk Emilio Pucci gown that had graced the runway in 2009 – it originally retailed for a staggering $7,595 and Michelle Ye wore the same gown on the red carpet at Cannes for the screening of the film 'Vengeance'! What if the person who bought it, wore it to their special event, tags tucked in out of sight, and returned it? Would I have any case to argue because I would have no proof? The cost to me in this scenario was high as the dress would have lost most of its value if it came back with signs of wear. Read more about the return fraud tag inspiration dress here. 

I started reading about the experiences of other online sellers and the return fraud risks that come with the anonymity of the internet. Worse was the all too often repeated scenario where the selling platform had sided with the buyer leaving the seller out of pocket.

What return abuse prevention options did we all have?

The simple truth was I couldn’t find one.

So, I developed an anti-wear and return security tag accessible for all sellers - the 360 ID Tag.

By working with two businesses, who are global leaders in their respective fields of detection technologies and specialty textiles, we’re able to perfect my concept and bring it to life.

We believe that all sellers, from those operating out of their basements to well-established organizations and all those in-between, should have access to a fair-trading environment which has seemingly become muddied in the anonymity of the internet. Selling online has become a way of life for so many and it shouldn’t be tainted by serial returners who are taking advantage of generous return policies or opening cases or chargebacks without just cause.

We also believe that buyers have the right to return merchandise and the 360 ID Tag allows them to do so with predictability if they leave the return tag attached.

It’s an easy to use, return abuse prevention product that’s visible on purpose.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Commerce with Majors in Marketing and Management from the University of Tasmania in Australia. My work experience as a Marketing Professional and Analyst came in the industries of hotels, resorts and urban property development.

Chelsea Duhs - Founder, 360 ID Tag

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