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Void Tamper-Evident Security Seals 100 | 10mm - 360 ID Tag
Void Tamper-Evident Security Seals 100 | 10mm - 360 ID Tag
Void Tamper-Evident Security Seals 100 | 10mm - 360 ID Tag

Void Tamper-Evident Security Seals 100 | 10mm

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Do you need to purchase extra tamper-evident security seals to prevent return fraud?

Perhaps you have plenty of return tag material but have run out of tamper-evident security seals or prefer to create your own return tag bundle. We've got you covered.


If you're interested in a return tag combo pack that includes both return tag material and tamper-evident security seals, check out our selection here.


Take steps to prevent:

    • Wardrobing / wear and return
    • Counterfeit product switches
    • Price tag switches
    • Tag tucking
    • Snap and send back / social media wardrobing



      • 100 tamper-evident security seals – to be used with the 10mm wide return tag material (sold separately)
      • Produced in the USA, utilizing a multi-layered, anti-counterfeiting security technology
      • Dimensions: 25mm x 20mm
      • Sold in full sheets of 100
      • Each seal has a unique serial number, ensuring it cannot be substituted with another seal
      • The VOID pattern becomes visible upon removal, allowing for easy validation of returns
      • 15 cents per seal


        • Roll of white return tag material (sold separately)


        HOW TO USE

        To safeguard your merchandise against return fraud, simply dispense the white return tag material (available for separate purchase) from the roll and thread it through the item. Next, overlap the two tag ends by approximately 3/8" / 1cm, then use the blue tamper-evident security seal to secure them.

        Ensure that the 360 ID Tag logo and serial number are positioned at the center of the return tag material. Fold the top and bottom tails of the seal towards the back, and use your fingers to create a firm bond. The seal will overlap itself at the back.

        Repeat this process with the remaining seals for every item you wish to shield against return policy abuse.

        The 360 ID Tag will not hinder your customer's ability to evaluate the fit or style of the purchase at home, nor will it damage the merchandise.

        If the buyer decides to keep their purchase, they can easily remove the tamper-evident security seal or cut off the return tag with scissors. Removing the seals will reveal a permanent VOID pattern on the return tag material that cannot be concealed, and the seal cannot be reattached without leaving noticeable evidence of its previous removal.

        It is impossible for someone with their own tamper-evident security seals to remove our 360 ID Tag and replace it with their seal, as our seals have unique serial numbers registered and assigned to you.

        If a customer wishes to return their purchase, they must leave the 360 ID Tag intact, which makes the returns process predictable for both the customer and your business.

        Please refer to our detailed instructions to learn more about using our anti-return fraud tag.

        Please contact us if you have any questions about the 360 ID Tag.