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E-commerce anti-return fraud tag to prevent wardrobing. 360 ID Tag
E-commerce anti-return fraud tag to prevent wardrobing. 360 ID Tag
E-commerce anti-return fraud tag to deter wardrobing. 360 ID Tag
Stack of e-commerce anti-return fraud tags on rolls. 360 ID Tag

Anti Return Fraud Tag Roll Only | 10mm

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Do you need purchase an anti-return fraud roll separately?

Have you run out of return tag material but still have a supply of tamper-evident security seals? Or would you prefer to build your own return tag bundle? You've come to the right place if you want to buy the recyclable 10mm return tag separately.


If you're looking for a complete return tag combo pack with tamper-evident security seals, please see our range of options here.



    • Wardrobing / wear and return
    • Counterfeit product switches
    • Price tag switches
    • Tag tucking
    • Snap and send back / social media wardrobing



      • 1 roll of pre-printed, recyclable return tag material – 10mm wide, 164’ / 50m in length
      • Dispenser box for easy handling
      • Return Policy wording written in English: “Returns will only be accepted if this 360 ID Tag remains attached”


        Tamper-evident security seals, sold separately.


        HOW TO USE

        Pull out enough return tag off the roll to create a loop around the item to be protected. Because the return tag material is soft, it will not damage your items, nor will it accidentally stretch or rip. Simply cut using scissors.


        Thread the return tag through your new or used item to create a secure loop. To connect the two ends of the return tag, you'll need a blue tamper-evident security seal (sold separately).


        Repeat with the remaining tag – each roll has 164' / 50m.


        The return tag won't prevent your customer from trying on their item at home to determine fit or style.


        Customers who decide to keep their purchase remove the return tag using regular scissors, or the tamper-event security seal can be peeled off, exposing the VOID pattern.


        Customers who choose to return an item do so by leaving the 360 ID Tag attached, making the returns procedure predictable for both them and your company.


        Learn more about using the secure return tag here.

        If you have any questions about the 360 ID Tag, please contact us.