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Clothing Return Tag. Security Tag. Wardrobing Tag.
360 ID Tag Classic Loop 45 Pack. Tamper-Evident Security Seal.
Clothing dress return tag. Wear and return prevention tag.
360 ID Tag jeans return tag. Prevent counterfeit product switches.

360 ID Tag Classic Loop 45 Pack - 22mm

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  • Pack includes 45 Tamper-Evident Security Seals & 164ft (50m) roll of 22mm Tag Material
  • 64 cents per item tagged
  • Best suited for sellers with a variety of inventory – average 3’-4’ of tag material per use
  • Tag material comes on a roll and is soft, malleable, does not stretch and can easily be looped through clothing, handbags, shoes or accessories
  • Once looped through your item the 2 ends of the tag are joined using the tamper-evident security seal with a unique ID number registered to you
  • Return Policy wording written in English, Spanish and French: “Returns will only be accepted if this 360 ID Tag remains attached”
  • When your customer has committed to keeping their purchase, they simply cut the 360 ID Tag with scissors or remove the tamper-evident security seal
  • Tamper-evident security seals reveal “VOID” once removed so you can easily validate returns and identify return fraud, counterfeit product switches and wardrobing (wear and return)