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The phenomenon that is 'wardrobing'

As an online seller I am always ecstatic to hear the “cha-ching” chime from my phone and see that I have sold a designer party or formal dress.  But the return of that same pricey dress after it was worn for a night out on the town is a disheartening event. Even the thought of this potentially happening can create anxious moments until the return window has passed.


Sure, if a dress that is returned shows obvious signs of wear, like tell-tale sweat stains or the unmistakable smell of smoke, we can refuse to accept it back, citing our well-written return policy.  But that also means sending an awkward email to our unscrupulous buyer.  So is our only choice to turn a blind eye to this or can we hope that for once our online selling platform of choice takes our side and doesn’t insist that we issue a full refund?


Thankfully, we are seeing many large retailers take a stronger stance against return fraud, which reportedly cost retailers $18-24 billion in 2018 (source: NRF’s 2018 Organized Retail Crime Survey).  There is greater recognition that ‘wardrobing’, the act of using an item and then returning it for a full refund, is an industry-wide problem for internationally recognized brands and to those of us selling online out of our basement.  At 360 ID Tag we are in the business of making sure that your merchandise is available for purchase by honest customers by sending a clear message to those who are dishonest that you are not an easy target.


We are hearing from our customers that the simple measure of adding a 360 ID Tag as an ‘anti-wear and return solution’ has immediately reduced the incidents of fraudulent returns and chargebacks and kept honest consumers, who appreciate the added security, coming back.


The 360 ID Tag can be looped through clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories to act as a visual deterrent against wardrobing and counterfeit product switches.  Your customer can easily remove the tag at home with scissors or by peeling back the tamper-evident security seal after they have committed to keep the item.  Because the 360 ID Tag is looped through items there will never be any damage to delicate fabrics or fine leather because there are no hard plastics or metal pins.


As our customer Judy puts it, “Thank you for making the 360 ID Tags available, they're a brilliant solution to a pesky problem.”

Chelsea Duhs - Founder, 360 ID Tag

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